Classical Pilates Arm Chair

To those who have overworked their bodies, struggling through the wear and tear every day — this one is for you.

Real talk? Strengthening your body so you can move better with ease isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

You don’t need to accept that pain is a “normal” part of life (it’s not). You don’t need to keep doing your same old routine hoping that it goes away. All you really need is an effective method of low-impact, full-body exercises that strengthen and stretch your body.

Because you’re looking for more than a “band-aid” solution. You’re looking for a preventative approach geared towards longevity and vitality.

That’s exactly why I created Body Meets Pilates.

I’m here to show you that practicing Pilates doesn’t have to feel scary, intimidating or overwhelming. It can be fun, empowering and best of all, effective.

Intro Private Pilates Session

New to the studio? Unsure if Pilates is right for you? This is the introductory session you need when you want answers to your curiosity or doubts. Let’s get you moving to feel the positive effects Pilates can have on your body!

Private Pilates Sessions

Would you rather skip having to keep up the pace in a group class? Private Pilates sessions are what you need when you want a program tailored for your body, at your pace. Let’s get you moving consistently towards your goals so you can reap the results!

Duo Pilates Sessions

Want the social aspect of group classes minus…the group? Duo Pilates sessions are what you need when you want to practice Pilates with a friend. This option includes extra fun and accountability!

Rates & Packages

Special offer for New Clients: $100 + HST (Save $30)

What’s Included:

  • Introduction to the Pilates method
  • Learn how to properly perform exercises based on your goals
  • Learn how to safely use the Pilates apparatus

After your Intro Private Pilates Session, you’ll decide how often to practice Pilates based on my recommendations and your personal goals. Packages are grouped by the number of sessions booked each week.

Drop-in: $130 + HST
Once a week (4-Pack): $460 + HST
twice a week (8-pack): $880 + HST

* Packages expire within 6 weeks of the purchase date.

Both clients in Duo sessions are required to take, at minimum, the Intro Private Pilates session before booking Duo sessions. This ensures each person has learned how to safely use the Pilates apparatus and has gone through the initial assessment.

Rates are per person and packages are grouped by the number of sessions booked each week.

Drop-in: $90 + HST
Once a week (4-Pack): $320 + HST
Twice a week (8-pack): $600 + HST

* Packages expire within 6 weeks of purchase date.

Are you ready to…

  • Spend less time at the doctor’s office and more time doing the activities you enjoy.
  • Stop accepting your aches and pain as a “normal” way of living and finally take control of your health.
  • Stop living every day exhausted and stressed and start waking up with more energy and vitality.
  • Feel confident because you’ll be able to move better with ease.
  • Wake up every morning feeling more energized and ready to tackle the day ahead without worry
The Process

Here’s how we’ll do this:

01. Book your Intro Private Pilates Session

Everyone starts here. Your first session will be about how you got here, and what you want to work on. Don’t worry if you’re new to Pilates or haven’t worked out in a while – the session is tailored to your current fitness level and personal goals. My goal is to have you leave the session feeling revitalized and ready to get moving for the rest of the day!

02. Choose a Package

If you choose to continue practicing Pilates after your first session (I hope you do, but absolutely no pressure!), I help you choose a package based on how often you want to practice. The goal here is to work towards consistency so I can help you get closer to your goals than ever before!

03. Practice, practice, practice

Small, consistent steps lead to lasting results. Clients often tell me that when they skip Pilates for a few weeks, their back pain returns! It’s highly recommended to practice 2-3 times per week, but if you can only attend once a week, that’s okay – it’s better than nothing! Packages also provide flexibility so they can work with your schedule. (Example: you can only attend once a week during a busy season and decide to switch to twice a week when your schedule opens up)

What clients are saying
We were very fortunate to be connected with Bianca! As newcomers to Pilates, Bianca was instrumental in teaching us the foundations for our Pilates practice in a supportive, safe environment. Over the course of a year, we became stronger and healthier under Bianca’s guidance. She is an excellent Pilates instructor who cares about her clients.

– Jenny & Justin

It’s time you take control of your aches and pains – not the other way around.

Let’s get your body moving in a way that makes you feel excited to get up every day