You don’t just get a “core workout”

You learn a method that can improve your posture, balance and mobility

If you think Pilates is just for rock-hard abs, think again

I’m not your typical Pilates Instructor. I believe that Pilates should be fun, empowering, and welcoming to everyone, regardless of your age, body type or fitness level. Because I know how hard it is to find a workout that’s both enjoyable and effective (and to stick with it!).

That’s why every single Pilates session is designed to be challenging and doable, while also being laser-focused and playful. Once clients start experiencing results, they also surprisingly find themselves developing two healthy habits that are typically hard to achieve: consistency and commitment. 

In a nutshell? I’ll use the Pilates Method to help you improve your posture, increase mobility, gain strength, recover from an injury, get into shape… and the list goes on!

Picture your Future Self being able to keep up with your loved ones and all of life’s adventures.

I’m not here to relieve your aches and pains.
I’m here to help you reduce (and prevent) them.

Body Meets Pilates is all about:



Pilates for every body, and every fitness level. This is a judgment-free, comparison-free zone!



As you gain strength, you also gain confidence. Prepare to be challenged!


Progress over Perfection

Small, consistent steps lead to lasting results.

How’d I get here, you ask?

Here’s the full story: I found Pilates when I was recovering from a motor vehicle accident.

After almost two years of rehab, I was still experiencing neck pain that just wouldn’t go away. I was seeing physiotherapists and chiropractors, doing yoga and meditation, and whatever else I could find that fell under the self-care wellness umbrella. I was so confused as to why my neck wasn’t getting any better after trying all the modalities and techniques I was told to do. 

I knew something had to change.

So I decided to give Pilates a (third) try. It kept popping up in my online search. But because I tried a few group Pilates classes many years ago and left with a mediocre experience, I crossed it off my list. And even though I had some hesitation that it wouldn’t work this time around, I signed up for my very first Private Pilates session. And that was the start of my love affair with Pilates… which eventually led me to a career as a Pilates Instructor.

I finally found something that helped me relieve my chronic pain while also improving my strength, mobility and energy levels! A few years later, I’m now a certified comprehensively trained Pilates Instructor. I continue to fall deeper in love with Pilates as I constantly continue my education, attending workshops and training sessions when I can. I want to share the Pilates Method with as many people as possible so they, too, can reap similar results that can positively change their lives.

My Favourite Things
(and soon to be yours)

The studio is equipped with the latest, top-of-the-line Classical Pilates equipment – including traditional Mats, Reformers, Chairs, Barrels, and a Cadillac (Trapeze Table). It’s uncommon to find a place that has these pieces of equipment as most Pilates studios will be equipped with yoga mats and Reformers for their classes.

Rest assured, each piece of apparatus was specifically chosen to meet the needs of BMP clients – they are the best for strengthening and stretching your muscles in all the right places!

What Clients Are Saying
Working with Bianca during my prenatal time truly was an amazing experience. I looked forward to our private sessions every time. Bianca’s approach was specifically customized to meet my growing needs.  Her encouraging and friendly attitude helped me gain strength that assisted me during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. I truly felt and feel stronger than ever before which has helped me mentally and physically.  Her program was adaptable and simple and I was able to complete the exercises at home as well! I truly recommend anyone to work with Bianca! She is so positive and truly listens to her clients’ needs! You will look and feel your best!

– Nadia Sbrocchi

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